The $99 Website Assessment

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If you’ve been contemplating enhancements to your web presence, whether from a design or search visibility perspective, then you’ll be excited to learn about our Website Assessment service. Our valuable Website Assessment is a comprehensive review of your current website and evaluates 5 key areas:

A Website Assessment evaluates 6 key areas:

  • Website Design – Is your website visually appealing and engaging?
  • Website Usability – Is it easy for a visitor to use and navigate your website?
  • SEO – Does your website rank well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing?
  • Conversion – Does your website successfully promote your call to action?
  • New Media – Are you taking advantage of new media websites such as Facebook and Youtube?
  • Performance – Does your website display fast for broadband & dial-up users?


The Website Assessment provides actionable tips and suggestions which you can use to improve your website!